Clone A Willy

Make An Exact Copy Of Your Penis!

Clone A Willy Instructions

There is a range of different Clone A Willy Kits available and they all include everything you need to create a true size and detail, vibrating replica of any penis. We’re gonna show you

How to clone a willy

Once you have your Clone A Willy kit, you are all set to go and start the easy 4 step process as described below.

Watch this Clone A Willy Video Demo – Safe For Work

View the 'Safe For Work' instructional video here


Watch this Clone A Willy Video Uncensored – Not Safe For Work

View the NSFW uncensored instructional video here

Alternatively, you can order your own DVD copy of the video for the new low price of just £1.99 by clicking here.


Does Size Matter?

Some men are concerned that their penis may be too big for the standard kit. Is this you?

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Extra Materials

OK. You’ve figured out whether or not your penis will fit. So what about the rubber? Do you need to purchase extra materials before starting the cloning process?

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