“Glow-in-the-dark Clone-A-Willy”

There is no woman – or man, for that matter – who shouldn’t have a clone of their favorite cock! This ingenious kit comes complete with everything needed to create a glowing penis clone, plus a vibrator unit to get that replica roaring. This glow-in-the-dark kit is the perfect tool for open-minded consumers intent on immortalizing themselves.

“Clone A Willy”

Empire Labs’ CEO used his background in chemistry, orthotics and artificial limbs to come up with the special formula. With the kit, a man simply mixes the molding powder with water, allows it to sit for 5-6 minutes, and then inserts his erect member into the cup for 60-90 seconds. After pulling out, he must pour the rubber resin into the mold and let it cure for about six hours. Then the life-like dildo is complete.

Empire Labs says the translucent rubber not only looks real, it also feels real. “We find that mostly couples, straight and gay buy the product. It’s just something different they would do. It’s fun, like a little science project. Gay couples buy two kits.”

To accommodate a flood of requests, the company added the Vibrating Penis Kit in 1999. That version simply requires the placement of a tiny, high-powered vibrating egg into the base before the rubber cures.